Podpora umění a kultury

Creating roots

ExpArt Výstava 2019

Seven artist were selected to participate in our group exhibition at Schrott Gallery, in Brno.

Olena Piskova - Ukraine
Susan Loy -  U.S.A
Juliane Lusson - France
Andrea Ehret - Slovakia
Agnes Csernus - Hungary
Carlos Lopez - Peru
Uma Haime - Italy

We want to thanks all for your participation and to the submitting artist to  our open call under the theme Creating roots.


Agnes Csernus

Legal Alien in Prague' is an ongoing portrait photography project since February 2018. The whole gallery contains now about 150 portraits of foreigners living in Prague currently. (http://www.csernusphotography.com/legal-alien-in-prague-project)

Photographer organizes public photo sessions in Prague and anybody can sign up regardless of origin, age, sex or any other characteristics.

Project's aim is to show the diversity of foreign people living in Prague through hundreds of portraits and present a true overall situation about migration in the city which is very similar to other big European cities situation.  

Fear from the unknown works like poison. My goal is to show the diversity of the migrant community in Europe and to encourage people to accept each other through communication. Minimalism as visual language is the key for giving the possibility to viewers to meet all the models one by one and to look into their eyes, feeling like walking in the crowd

Andrea Ehret

I am Slovak artist living in Prague with American husband.
Our multicultural family deals with the cultural diversity & differences since the beginning. Overcoming the strong feelings of ‘betweenity’ & the ability to accept mutual cultural differences is the big theme for me and my husband and son.
I believe art heals and helps to stay authentic. We create our own world & roots, we live our live truly & fully. I paint my world, my dreams & visions.. my circles. 

Carlos Lopez

A new place is a chance to start over, to be reborn, to grow, to give back and to be thankful for the opportunity given. Building a base for a better tomorrow: Sow today to harvest tomorrow. The act of creation is a complex process, being the force, which inspires us to create, as mysterious or as silly that can sometimes be. Our actions define us and therefore, with our mere existence, we shape our new home, neighborhood or country. Making it a new place, re-moulding into our own. A series of portraits showing a diverse range of people from the intimacy of their homes in their new home - the Czech Republic 

Juliane Lusson

Houses are a concrete representation of roots creation for me. They are the material results of people settlement in a place. Effect of a choice or of a constraint, every house contains the personal stories of its inhabitants.
Some houses caught my attention while I was walking in my neighborhood in Brno. As all the others passers-by, I only had the access to their appearance. I´ve started this project that creates a visual distance from the initial subject. The houses are drawn on a desk and then they are printed.
They are also taken out of their context, what reinforces their fictional potential. 

I would like to share with every viewer the possibility to create his own narrative from these pictures.

Olena Piskova

Nový domov, starý domov. Úvahy o této problematice mě přivedly k tématu kultury, antropologie a folkloru, které se často pokouší spojit člověka se zvířetem či rostlinou. S tím je spojeno mnoho legend o stvoření světa. Tak jsem si vzpomněla na další příběh z dětství. Můj dědeček žertoval, že kdysi mě nalezli v zelí. Byla jsem tehdy chytrá holčička, které už bylo řečeno, že mě porodila matka. Bylo to trapné, ale nechtěla jsem dědečka zklamat.
Ve skutečnosti je to něco jako tradice. Když se dítě zeptá, odkud jsem se vzal – v postsovětském prostoru je mu odpovězeno – našli tě v zelí. Verzi s čápem lze také použít, je to jen na výběru rodičů. Mě zaujala tato "zeleninová teorie vývoje". Zní to jako alternativní legenda o původu člověka. Co kdyby se děti skutečně nacházeli v zelí? Jak by mohli uvnitř vyrůstat?
Je to přiběh z minulosti, ale z toho se stavi má budoucnost. To, co nesu v sobě, moje kořeny. 

Susan Loy

I am an independent artist and calligrapher, using pens, brushes, and watercolors to create my Literary Calligraphy® artwork, which is based on the “mandala” or circle and includes texts from literature. I am known for a series of botanical watercolors featuring the Language of Flowers and for a botanical poster that I created for the White House Easter Egg Roll. I am currently living in Prague with a long-stay cultural visa, sponsored by the Prague Unitaria. I am working on a major project for my sponsor to create and illustrate a Czech flower alphabet that includes more than thirty species of flowers common to the Czech Republic. I have recently collaborated with Czech poet, Bronislava Volková, using her poem “Let’s meet in a poem/Setkejme se v básni,” and I hope to collaborate with other Czech poets and writers. 

Uma Haima

My identity is floating between cultural influences, linguistic misunderstandings, exotic textures, oriental mysticism, and childish curiosity. I was born in the south of Italy, I lived in different European cities and now I am based in Prague. In each country, you become stranger to yourself and somehow you rediscover your identity. So, the continuous habitat’s changes taught me that uncomfortable and new positions are always interesting. Sometimes I react to the environment with rebellion and I discover something that was hidden or forgotten in me. That is what happened also living in Prague. I had to crash at the beginning, creating my new roots cutting out my origin, travel for a few months, and start again.
I think my work could not have been so openly loud and violent if I had not had such a calm and organized environment as the Czech Republic. After five years in this country, I melt the calm life in CZ with my spontaneity of Mediterranean origin, and in this way, I determine my new roots.