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Aleksandra Marković

Painter - Serbia

A  graduate in Conservation and restoration, at the Academy of the Serbian  Orthodox Church for art and conservation in Belgrade and also First  level in Visual and Performing Arts: Painting, at the Academy of Fine  Arts of Venice.

Collaborated  in the various Studios for Conservation at the Central Institute of  Conservation of Belgrade (CIK), Studio for Conservation of Ceramics and  Glass for the National Museum of Begrade and Museum of Mining and  Metallurgy of Bor, as well as Conservation of archaelogical and  ethnographical metal objects from various museums in Serbia.


2015  – “Niti” - exhibition of paintings at the cultural institution  ”Parobrod” in Belgrade 2010 - Collective exhibition Workshop at Forte  Margera (Venice) 

2008, 2009, 2010 – Collective exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice, class F (Prof. Carlo Di Raco) 

2007 - Collective exhibition of the high-school “Technoart Beograd” in the gallery “Dom Vojske” in Belgrade. 

2006 – Collective exhibition of the high-school “Technoart Beograd” in the Museum of Ruma (Zavičajni Muzej u Rumi, Serbia)